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Hey There: My Journey into Web Development Estimated read time: 4 minute(s)

Introduction: Just Maksims

Hey, folks! I'm Maksims, your friendly neighborhood web developer clocking in 8 years in the coding game. The programming bug bit me back when I was 12, and it's been a fascinating journey ever since.

Web Dev—Not Exactly a Choice

So, web development wasn't really my deliberate choice. In 2015, a friend dropped a hint about a web developer gig, even if you were green as a cucumber. With another friend's hand-holding through the testing phase, I jumped in. Started as a Magento 1 developer and switched gears to Magento 2 after a couple of years.

Learning the Ropes

Most of what I know is thanks to solo study sessions, but the early days involved a mentor who pointed me in the right coding direction.

Rollercoaster in the Professional Realm

My journey from a greenhorn junior to a mid-level developer was pretty zippy. Then, in 2020, I switched jobs to a place where I was the lone Magento 2 developer. That's where most of my current skills got polished. Beyond coding, I picked up the art of navigating Linux environments and stacking up web servers. Also, my interest in web dev blossomed, leading me to dabble in JS-based wonders like Vue, Nuxt, and Strapi.

The Heart of the Matter: Passion

What drives me? It's the joy of building something beautiful and seeing it come to life. Reminds me of my childhood days, peeking at my dad painting cars—disassembling, rust-busting, priming, coloring, and finally, clear-coating. That same vibe hits me when I'm knee-deep in web development, especially when I'm starting something from scratch.

My Coding Niche: Unique and Unfussy

I'm not big on cramming everything into my brain. Instead, I know how to fish out and use code snippets and tools like a pro. As a senior dev, I read code like it's a casual chat (except cases when it's not written properly).

Goals: The Web Development Saga Continues

Portfolio: My Digital Playground

My portfolio isn't just a digital CV—it's a personal playground I built just because I wanted to. It's where I showcase my skills, maybe attract potential clients, and share thoughts with the cool developer community.

Who's This For? Answer: Everyone

This blog isn't just for devs; it's for anyone curious about the stuff I'll be chatting about.

What's in Store? A Bit of Everything

Expect a mixed bag of content—code tutorials, my lightbulb moments with cool tech, and maybe even a sprinkle of AI, a realm that's caught my fancy lately.

Community? Why Not!

Building a community sounds like a good idea, though not the main goal. Let's see where the wind takes us.

Teaching Time

Yep, tutorials are on the horizon. I want to share what I know and maybe spark a few 'aha' moments.

Future Projects: A Blank Canvas

No big plans for future projects just yet. I'm keeping it open for surprises and spontaneous ideas.

Success? When I Like It

Success, to me, is when I look at the end result and think, "Yeah, nailed it." If not, well, back to the drawing board.

By the way, my portfolio has been modified 3 times, and I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but it's not too bad either, maybe I'll "polish" it with time.

What I Want From You: A Friendly Nudge

I'd love for you to drop by the portfolio-blog combo every now and then, check out new stuff, and maybe toss it to a friend or two. More eyes mean more chances of connecting with awesome people like you.

Closing Thoughts: Cheers to the Journey Ahead

As I dive into the world of blogging, I'm stoked to share the ups, downs, and code snippets with a bunch of cool people who get the beauty of web development and everything around it. Your thoughts matter, so don't be shy to share them. Here's to the adventures we're about to unfold together in this ever-expanding web development universe!

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