Referral Program

Hello and welcome! I'm thrilled to introduce the Client Referral Program — a way for us to collaborate and share in the success of web development ventures. This page is all about turning your connections into rewards.

How it Works

It's simple. If you know someone in need of web development expertise, just let them know about my services. Ask them to shoot me an email expressing their interest and mentioning your name and contact details. Your bonus, ranging from EUR 50 to 500, is based on the project's complexity.

Examples of Payouts

  1. Basic Web Presence: EUR 50
  2. E-commerce Venture: EUR 200
  3. Custom Web Application: EUR 500

Terms and Conditions

Transparency is key. Your bonus comes from the initial payment made by the referred client, and the amount varies with the project. Referral bonuses are applicable for new clients only. The referred client must mention your name and contact details (email) during the initial contact.

How to Refer

Spread the word casually, and let them know they can reach out to me directly via email. When they do, ask them to drop your name and contact details. Simple, right? I value your trust and want you to know — no scams, just a genuine commitment to excellence.

Final Touch

Excited about the potential projects and connections this program will bring. Your referrals not only earn you a bonus but also contribute to a community of collaboration and trust. Let's create digital wonders together!