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This website serves as a compact business card for a small business, embracing simplicity, modern aesthetics, and user-friendliness. Designed with a static approach, it avoids complex solutions to provide a straightforward and efficient user experience.

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Business Website, 2024

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The initial website for "AV Motors," developed by another company on Wix many years ago, left much to be desired in terms of aesthetics. Despite previously suggesting a new solution that was not deemed relevant at the time, I was recently approached and asked to revisit the project. Delighted to help, I presented a sketch for approval. The final outcome garnered satisfaction from all parties involved, leading to the creation of the full version.

This project embraced simplicity without resorting to overly complex solutions. It includes support for three languages, responsiveness, and a modern design. Leveraging Nuxt for page construction and Nuxt Content for static content, the visual elements were crafted using TailwindCSS. Beyond development, I integrated Cloudflare and successfully deployed the page to the server.

Role and Responsibilities

I independently developed this project, overseeing its entire journey from design to public launch. Additionally, I maintained constant communication with the client to ensure that the final outcome aligned with their expectations.

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