This project came to me unexpectedly, and despite the fact that it only came to my attention this year, I had encountered it previously. Since the project was presented to me in a ready form, it sought my assistance for support and maintenance.

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Ecommerce Website, 2024

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AlkOutlet - HomepageAlkOutlet - Homepage
AlkOutlet - Category & NavigationAlkOutlet - Category & Navigation


My initial encounter with this project occurred during my tenure at one of the companies where I was employed. The most substantial task undertaken under my supervision was the migration from "ScandiPWA" to a native Magento theme.

In addition to the transition to the native Magento theme, various other challenging tasks were tackled, including the implementation of a deposit fee for bottles. This involved creating a custom product type and integrating diverse cart and checkout calculations. Furthermore, these changes were implemented on the administrative side, extending to invoices and other relevant areas.

Since the project was assigned to me, I have successfully upgraded the Magento version, implemented various fixes and improvements, and have been consistently maintaining and enhancing the project.

Role and Responsibilities

In this project, I serve as the sole developer, handling all client requests. This involves attentively listening to the client's preferences, proposing solutions, providing estimates, and ultimately fulfilling their wishes.

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