Request a Free Project

Hello there! Excited to chat about your project? I'm introducing "Request a Free Project" — where we team up to create awesome websites without the hefty price tag. Let's dive in and make your online presence stand out.

What's the Deal

Here's the deal — I believe in the power of a strong online presence, and I want to help you achieve that without a big dent in your wallet. Together, let's build something amazing that truly reflects you.

Who Can Apply

Wondering if you're a good fit? If you're a startup, a non-profit, or just someone with a cool passion project, you're in the right place! I'll be picking projects based on their uniqueness, potential impact, and the excitement they bring.

How to Apply

Applying is easy! Just shoot me an email at [email protected]. Share details about your project, your vision, and what fuels your passion for it. Can't wait to hear from you!

Rules of the Game

Let's keep it simple — we're focusing on small business pages, landing pages, and informative sites without the techy stuff. Super excited to create something special within a reasonable timeframe!

Support and Future Improvements

Just a heads up — while your first project is on the house, any future support, tweaks, or cool new features will be part of a paid arrangement. Think of it as having a buddy for the long-term success of your project. Your website will keep shining bright!