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This was my first-ever project, and also my first client. The owner of Mark Auto was looking for someone to create a webpage and came to me through his acquaintances. The project is straightforward, with its aim being a standard, informative business page that includes the option to fill out an application form.

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Business Website, 2018

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Mark Auto - LandingMark Auto - Landing
Mark Auto - Home PageMark Auto - Home Page


Back in 2018, when my skills were still in the early stages of development, I was tasked with crafting an informative business page that included a contact form. Despite the tight budget, the project appeared straightforward to me, considering my limited knowledge at the time. To keep things simple, I opted to construct the page using WordPress and the Elementor plugin.

The sole challenge I encountered was my unfamiliarity with which hosting to recommend and where to purchase a domain. Until then, I hadn't personally navigated the process of acquiring hosting or a domain. However, after delving into the necessary research, I successfully overcame the challenge and gained my initial experience in securing both hosting and a domain.

Not much to say about this project overall. Despite being simple and created a while ago, the page still matters to the owner. In 2023, when it hit a snag, the owner had to find my contacts again to ask for help in fixing it, showing how important it is for his business.

Role and Responsibilities

In this project, I oversaw the entire process, making sure everything ran smoothly. I also assisted in setting up Google Workspace for a personalized email, as requested by the owner. Effective communication and collaboration played a key role in the project's success from start to finish.

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