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Sandis, the owner of SB Captures, is a dedicated developer with a unique focus on a specific platform. While his expertise lies in development, he entrusted me with the task of curating and presenting his photography portfolio. With a passion for photography as his hobby, Sandis envisioned a dedicated space to showcase his creative work and connect with others, giving rise to the creation of SB Captures.

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Portfolio Website, 2023

Tech Stack

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This project incorporates Strapi as the backend engine, providing seamless content management for Sandis to effortlessly share his captivating photo art. The user experience is enriched through the utilization of Nuxt, complemented by an array of optimization tools and my personalized enhancements. Notably, the communication between Strapi and Nuxt is facilitated through GraphQL, chosen for its efficiency in enabling a flexible and streamlined interaction between the backend and frontend components of the project. It also follows a mobile-first approach, ensuring a fully responsive design that seamlessly adapts to various devices.

Navigating through challenges was inevitable in this project, especially considering the need to handle a substantial volume of images. Additionally, the requirement for restricting access to specific galleries without a password posed another layer of complexity. Despite these hurdles, fulfilling Sandis' vision for an aesthetically pleasing gallery with touch support was a key priority.

I successfully addressed all challenges with a strategic and thoughtful approach. This involved implementing password protection for galleries to safeguard content privacy and security. Crafting a bespoke gallery with touch support not only aligned with Sandis’ aesthetic preferences but also introduced an intuitive and user-friendly element. Furthermore, to enhance performance, I optimized the speed by implementing a page-by-page content loading mechanism.

Role and Responsibilities

In this project, I managed the entire process, from planning and design to development, testing, optimization, server setup, and launch. The collaborative and effective communication between each step played a crucial role in achieving success throughout the entire journey.


Working with Maksims was an absolutely remarkable experience. We embarked on our project with just a concept, and I conveyed my vision for my website. Within a matter of weeks, I found myself immersed in a development environment where I could witness my ideas come to life. The entire communication process flowed effortlessly and seamlessly. Any necessary adjustments and bug fixes were promptly addressed without hesitation. — Sandis Bogacenkovs

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